ОАО "Владморрыбпорт"

Universal reloading complex

The Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port is the universal reloading complex that is capable apart from fish products handling to carry out cargo operations with such cargo classes as a timber, metal, fertilizers, cellulose, combustive-lubricating materials, etc. There are three covered warehouses for products, cellulose, cardboard, packages, fertilizers and other dry cargoes. Their useful storage space makes more than 58 000 square meters. All utilities are heated and supplied with effective system of ventilation that allows to maintain temperature inside them from 0 up to 20 Celsius degrees at any time of the year. It is possible to place up to 400 thousand tons of various cargoes at the open storage spaces on the berths.


The port is locating on 10 berths (of depths from 9,8 up to 12,4 m.) on southern coast of a nonfreezing Gold Horn Bay. Extent of moorings – 2020 meters. The general area of port consists of more than 323700 sq.m.


Capacity of port makes more than 5(five) million tons of cargoes and 200 thousand containers of the international class per year.

Container Terminal

Vladivostok Container Terminal specializes in the transshipment of containers and general cargo of coasting and export-import lines.


The Port operates fleet of five tugboats capable of shifting ships of any size and passenger boat.

Contact information

Berezovaya Street 25, 690012, Vladivostok, Russia. Tel/fax: +7 423 227 72 10. %3Ea%2F%3C5000ps4000pstrophsif1000psofni%3E%225000ps4000pstrophsif1000psofni3000psot2000ps%22%3Dferh%20a%3C